Mistletoe and Moss Removal Service

Tree with mistletoeMistletoe and moss can cause serious damage to your trees over time.

They root into your tree’s branches and saps the nutrients that your tree needs to stay healthy. This suffocates your tree and can eventually kill it.

We offer our mistletoe and moss removal services at very affordable and competitive rates. The moss may be pretty to look at but it can be causing problems that shorten the life span and health of your tree. Call us at (407) 880-2221 for a free estimate.


Thick moss is hanging down, smothering the tree. This also weighs down the limbs to potentially break in a storm causing damage.

Tree with moss


Tree is now able to grow back to its natural health and beauty. Limbs are lighter and the inside of the tree can get nourshiment again.

Demossed healthy tree